Support Contracts

Support Contracts

Support Contracts

If trouble strikes you’ll always be able to contact one of our engineers who’ll sort your problem as quickly as they can.

We will include a full list of services, the hardware and software supported whether it covers PCs, applications, servers, networks and equipment as well as your communications, like email.

We’ll include what level your support is, helping you to manage costs as well as knowing your comprehensively covered.

24/7 Proactive Monitoring

By using the comprehensive monitoring tools available our engineers can discover problems before they happen and take steps to resolve them, all before you know they have happened. How’s that for excellent service?

Helpdesk Access

Our helpdesk provides a single point of contact for raising issues. We can make sure they are dealt with quickly and any recurring problems are caught an further investigated.
Customer can log service desk requests by email, web or telephone. making it easy to get your problem sorted quickly.

Backup Monitoring

If the worst happens and your hardware fails (and it does happen – even to hardware Universal supports sometimes!) you want to have confidence that your backup has all your business critical data stored and that your support services can get you back up and running quickly. We monitor your backups and provide reports if they fail so we can investigate why they are not working.


We look forward to sitting down with all our clients and making sure they are getting the best out of their investment in IT. We can help with technical input to business problems, discuss the latest technological developments and how they might help you or just pop past for a cup of tea and biscuit. We just love talking to our clients!

Call us today on 0845 094 5612 for a free no-obligation chat and find out how we could help your business